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Pole Possessions 2022

Malta's first aerial show 


what its all about 

 Such a little island filled with so many passionate , talented and athletes and so little ways to express our love and passion other than an enclosed home or studio.


 Pole Possessions offers an event full of talented athletes from all across the island To share and show they’re passion and talent on a big stage . A big crowd full off supporting family and friends to cheer you on .


What to expect?

Costumes, pole performers, dance performances, fire, acrobatics, aerial hoop performers, silks performers ,guest performers, games and competitions , food , drinks  and much more .




How It All Started 

  Pole Possessions originally started in my studio back in 2015 .

  Our first edition to pole possessions came to mind after we saw so many of my students show so much passion , and drive. With no pole/aerial events happening or supporting our sport on the island .

  The only thing I could think about is a way to help them shine, expose the artwork of pole in a different light . An artistic  interpretation of stories through aerial performances.


     An opportunity to show family ,friends and supporting guests how hard they have been working for  in order of achieve they’re goals .

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