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Pole Possessions 2023

Malta's first aerial show 

what its all about 


 Pole Possessions is a one of its kind  event in Malta. Originally established in 2015 and has become an annual event on the Island.

Full of talented aerial athletes from all across the island . Who come together to express and impress the crowd . Sharing their skills and talent on a big stage full of adoring fans .

The Maltese  Island  is filled with so many passionate and  talented athletes and so little ways to express our love and passion other than an enclosed home or studio. So we created Pole Possessions for both local and foreign performers to display their skills and reach new heights and promote aerial fitness to the Maltese Islands.   

What to expect?

  • -Costumes

  • - Pole dance 

  • -Fire Performers

  •  -Acrobats

  •  -Aerial hoop

  • -Silks 

  • -Guest performers

  •  -Games

  • -Food , drinks  and much more .

   Pole Possessions is a seated event .


 Beverages and food can be purchased close  to your seats.

  There will be a 15 minute intermission.

VVIP  seats  are  available  for  reservation once tickets are launched online .


This  package includes an  elivated balcony view Table  and chairs for a group (minimum 2 persons) which includes a complimentary bottle of wine, and some food options form our set menu.


How It All Started 

  Pole Possessions originally started in our studio back in 2015 ! And Has become an  annual celebration for the local artists.

  Our first edition to pole possessions came to mind after seeing so many of our students show so much passion , and drive and nowhere to express they're skills and art .


With no pole/aerial events taking place on the island . We decided its Time for a change ! A chance to show all the hard work , sweat and passion that goes in towards becoming an aerial artist.


We all have been working so hard in uniting and inspiring our local artists to show off they're best skills and continue to fight  for our sport and community on the island .

  The only thing I hope to achieve with this event .is to expose the art of pole and aerial under a different light . An artistic  interpretation of stories through aerial performances.



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